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America is Making A Movie, is a world first in filmmaking and entertainment. It is a social networking platform designed to drive the creation of a feature film. With this groundbreaking event, the public is able to participate in the exciting process of making an A List Hollywood Movie.Through social networking, people can sit in front of their computers and influence this process.  On this site people will submit scripts, audition for movie parts, interview for crew positions, and help to drive the creative process via the web. This is done by commenting, rating, and voting on all content. That’s right, the audience, becomes the “I”-Producers” of a feature film. From start to completion, our I-Producers will be able to navigate through the entire scope of the production. Once the project moves out of pre-production and into full production, everything will be streamed for online viewing. Keep in mind. ‘WE” are launching this together, from the ground up! Together the public is helping to build and fund, a full length feature film. You will all get to experience how films are created and how the funding and casting is put into place. Get ready for the ride, because America Is Making A Movie!

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Everyday people are getting geared up to make a movie. Whether you are a stay at home mom, shopkeeper, construction worker, a doctor, lawyer, accountant, nurse, pilot, student, retailer, or an actor – writer – producer, we want you involved. There has never been a more exciting movie project and this is the first of its kind. Just have a look at all the different people below that are making a movie. You can too!

For the small cost of ten or fifteen dollars (depending on your membership level) you can  become an I-Producer. This entitles you to vote on SCRIPTS, ACTORS, MUSIC, SET DESIGN, INFLUENCE HIRING AND FIRING, AND MUCH MORE. You will have total access. You will WATCH, you will RATE, and you will VOTE. You will learn, and you will celebrate. Through this process you will follow from pre-production to post. You will experience script searches to budgets, casting, scheduling, accounting, locations, set design, catering, transportation, music, editing, banking, distribution, promotion, and more. All aspects of making a movie will be shown.  As an I-Producer you will accompany the crew through this process via the website. The art of movie making is revealed through America Is Making A Movie!

For the first time in movie history the American public is going to make a full feature film with an established crew of Producers, Cameramen, A successful Director and Big Celebrities. This is a high quality Hollywood production, the only difference is that the American public is going to come on board both in front, and behind the scenes. The public will be given an opportunity to be involved behind the scenes, as well as given an opportunity to be employed on the film. We are casting for such jobs as, actors, hosts, extras, grips, stand-ins, then into hair and makeup, catering, security and much more.

America Is Making A Movie is searching for content and talent! You might be just what we are looking for!


How Do I Get Started?
You will click on the join now button at the top left of this page. This will take you to an area where you will need to decide which level of membership you prefer. There are 6 choices. We will break those down here. Once you determine your level, choose that subscription and move through the registration process.

  1. Level one I-Producer, This level subscription can rate, comment, vote, but submits no content.
  2. Level Two I-Producer_Actor/Actress, This level subscription can rate, comment, vote, and can submit content to feature acting talent.
  3. Level Two I-Producer_Scriptwriter, This level subscription can rate, comment, vote, and can submit a script and synopsis.
  4.  Level Two I-Producer_Music/Score, This level subscription can rate, comment, vote, and can submit musical content.
  5.  Level Two I-Producer_Host/Spokesperson, This level subscription can rate, comment, vote, and can submit spokesperson content which can showcase talent to be considered as a Guest or Host.
  6. Level Two I-Producer_Crew, This level subscription can rate, comment, vote, and can submit a resume, and or video link to be considered for a place in crew. Examples are, grips, hair and makeup, costumes, location scouts, set design, craft service, stand in.  There are no big movie executives or powerful, private funders calling the shots.

Share…share….share America! Upon purchasing your I-Producer membership, you gain access to the interactive platform and the movie making community. You will create your profile and then begin to navigate through the platform. Once you have become a Level Two I-Producer, you will be able to migrate to an area where you will be given an option to submit material. This material will be presented to the public for review. There will be many others like yourself that will be creating a profile and moving about the social site. Visibility is important if you are going to be one of the members that submits material. Keep in mind, this is a public platform and all content and talent will move through a ranking process and a popular vote. Everyone has a story and your story just might be what the public is looking for, potentially making you a star. It is every script writers dream to have his or her work turned into a feature film. With this project, it is a very real opportunity. This is a site where opportunity can be realised. There are opportunities for actors, musicians, writers, producers, extras, casting agents, staff/crew, special guests, hosts, and more.



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