The most exciting thing in entertainment in a long time!

America is Making A Movie, is a world first in interactive, multimedia, social networking, which will fund and create a feature film. Through online campaigns and promotions, mainstream America will now become part of movie magic. Through our Internet site, the public is offered an opportunity to submit scripts, actor auditions, music, and more. There are also openings for cast and crew. Through uploaded content, the website becomes interactive and sets the scene for a dramatic competition. Each upload receives a profile, which the public can follow. Anyone can purchase a membership and become an IProducer, now allowing them to rate and vote content, driving the playing field. There are constant blogs and uploads from IProducers. This keeps the community even more involved in the drama, and keeps everyone coming back for more. Anyone tuning in will want a piece of the action, as it is hard to just watch. There are so many twists and turns in this project, America will be on the edge of their seats, begging for more; and in the end, the final decision will rest in the hands of the IProducers. Make sure you get on to and join now!  We want to hear what you think~~


About Elise

I am one of the creators of America Is Making a Movie and a producer for the AMM project and the film.

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