About Production Team

America Is Making A Movie Is A project created by American Productions in association with Cynthia Huffman Productions, and Elise Bailey Productions. Also aligned with the project is That’s Hollywood Films and Rabbit Bandini Productions.



This project has been designed to support a community platform for the purpose of creating a feature film. Not just any feature film, but a film that has been been influenced and driven via the American public. It is a creative community of every day people that have a love, passion, or desire to be part of a movie team. All monies are raised on line through this creative process, while the I-Producers search through submitted materials to find powerful scripts, talented actors/actresses, and qualified crew.

Once all of the necessary aspects of the production team are in position, with actors and actresses cast, the movie will move into pre-production. As on any film production, the first task is to find the right script. Next step is to raise funds for the desired budget. raise Funding for movies is typically determined by the scrip in play, and our funding is no different. Our budget is dependant on the script, and monies raised for the project. The more interactive members we have, the more funds we raise.


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