How Are Funds Raised

How are funds raised?

We are raising all the money for this film through online membership subscriptions. The cost of a subscription is ten or fifteen dollars, depending on the level. Additional money is raised through advertising sponsors. In order to gain access to the interactive area of the website, a visitor must purchase an I-Producer subscription. The subscription level is what allows a member to submit content. All content is viewed by I-Producer members, rated, and moved into voting rounds. As members grow, the project raises capital. With millions of participants and continual news hype, we gain world wide attention. A Constant flow of uploaded material starts the interest from viewers. There is also an area for non-members which features highlights and results. The interactive part of the website is only accessible to subscription holders who have paid on line. On this site the real power lies with the I-Producer members who are constantly working with the uploaded content through rating and commenting. From the very beginning of the project, viewers will have plenty to do as they navigate through new materials. The more I-Producer members that join, the more funds we raise.

The first stage of any production is to raise funds. With America Is Making A Movie, the more people that get involved in the community, the more money we raise for the budget.


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