How Does It Work


 The process of America Is Making A Movie works through a membership subscription. There are two levels of membership. Level one is a simple I-Producer, who rates and votes on content. A small fee of ten dollars secures this membership for one year.  Level Two is an I-Producer which has the ability to submit material. A small fee of fifteen dollars secures this membership for one year.  Everyone on the platform will be featured by uploading a video file for others to see. From there, the members will begin to rate the content.  The people with the highest ratings, will move into a voting round. It is these people that will acquire roles in the film. As with all films we must raise money for the budget. The money raised comes from the membership subscriptions. The more I-Producer subscriptions we sell, the more money we raise. Other funds come from commercial sponsors.                                                                                          

First you choose a membership and sign up.                                                                 From there you start observing other participants and begin to get a feel for the platform. It is a social networking site and is used to drive membership interest and participation. As members sign up, the site gets more evolved. More members, more content, more…and sometimes, less talent.  Members can send message, chat, and friend other members. Members can write about what they see and make comments about the level of skill they are observing.  Members can even make recommendations to help drive interest to specific areas.  

 America Is Making a Movie Works because It is a very exciting interactive platform which features both incredibly talented individuals, and everyday people that just want an opportunity to get involved in the movie industry. It is very simple and easy with three basic steps.

  1.  First you will choose a membership, which allows you to be a participant that rates and     votes, or allows you to submit material. Choose a Basic membership I-PRODUCER          LEVEL ONE $10, and LEVEL TWO – ACTOR/ACTRESS, SCRIPTWRITER,                          MUSIC/SCORE, HOST/SPOKESPERSON, CREW $15.00. Per Year.
  2. You create your profile and upload a picture or image which represents you. If you are a level two member, you will get your content ready to upload for other members to view.
  3. Log on – learn more about the site, meet people, view others material, and start        interacting. There will be much to see, and much to share. As more people join, the  content and activity builds. Soon there will be millions of people in which to  navigate. Eventually you will rate and vote on all aspects of this film.  AND MOST OF ALL, HAVE FUN!

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