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woman-filmingBecoming an I-Producer allows you to experience this platform in the most interactive way. As an I-Producer you are literally calling the shots. You will view, you will rate, and you will vote. You are privy to every nuance of the process. You will learn more about movie making than you ever dreamed! From here you will be directed to an area where you can choose a subscription. There are two levels.  A Level One and a Level Two I-Producer subscription. (Description) Level One I-Producer gets you access to the interactive platform, where you will be able to view other member’s content and submissions. Once you view this material you can rate the content. As more and more content gets rated, it will move into preliminary voting rounds. The second level of membership is A Level Two I-Producer. (Description) Level Two I-Producer This subscription allows you to view, rate and vote on other member’s content, but is also gives you the option to submit your own materials. This material is what other members will rate and vote. The types of materials which will be submitted are such things as; scripts, actor/actress auditions, music/score, resumes and more. Join the team and enter the community of America Is Making A Movie. A small fee of $10.00 will get you started as a Level One I-Producer, and a small fee of $15.00 will get you started as a Level Two I-Producer. You must choose one subscription to begin. When you click on the link below, upon choosing a Level Two I-Producer, make sure you choose the category which represents your area/field of interaction. If you are an actor, you will want to choose, Actor/Actress. If you are a scriptwriter, you will want to choose Level Two I-Producer_Scriptwriter, and so on. It’s easy, it’s exciting, and it is loads of fun!

Don’t wait, and join the team today.

Feel free to download this PDF to help you understand more about the platform.

Welcome to America Is Making A Movie PDF





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