Why Is This So Exciting

Why Is This So Exciting?

America is Making A Movie, is a world first in interactive, multimedia social networking in order to create a feature film. Every day people drive this production. The audience becomes the producers, “I-Producers” of this feature film. This sort of project has never been experienced in Hollywood and is the first of its kind. With a successful team of Hollywood producers and directors as the backbone of this production, the necessary experience and expertise is there. The creative aspect of the project is allowing the American public to drive the production, through rating and voting.

This project has a huge appeal because of its versatility, and because of its ability to generate massive public interest. The possibility to suddenly strike it rich or become a star, is a huge motivator to get involved. The platform is easily accessible from any computer, tablet, or phone, which makes it available any time.  Our characters are what draws the public in and gets everyone talking. We have the incredibly talented, and the not so talented. We have the people that we cheer, and the people we don’t. The more public interaction, the more exciting the platform becomes. The characters and stories are developing right before our eyes. America is falling in love with some characters while also hating others. It is impossible for anyone to sit passively and view the highlights, as there is way too much action. All of this drama starts even before a scrip is in place. It begins with the I-Producers and the potential cast and crew.

The project begins with a search for content and talent.  I-Producer members will sift through the uploaded content. They will rate the content and publish comments. As the ratings get higher the content moves up the ranks.
people-with-AMM-signThe higher rated content will attract more public attention. Not only are we looking for content, we are also offering employment opportunities, so make sure you put in a resume. We are casting for such jobs as, actors, guest hosts/spokes people, extras, grips, stand-ins, cameo spots, then into hair and makeup, catering, security and more. All positions require video content, which is uploaded on site for I-Producers to view and rate. Highest ratings will secure spots in the voting rounds. Everything must be rated and judged by the I-Producers There are so many twists and turns in this project, viewers will be on the edge of their seats begging for more; and in the end, the final decision will rest in the hands of the I-Producers. You have never seen anything like this before, and now you not only get to watch a Hollywood production, you also get to be a part of its creation!


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